A Breakthrough in Creating Safe and Productive Mining Cultures

Companies across the planet have been searching for many years for ways to embed truly safe and productive workplace behaviours. Despite good intentions and an array of behavioural training programmes, many companies continue to search for workable answers.

We believe that the solution to creating a viable and sutainable change in attitudes and behaviours lies in addressing the culture. It's the workplace culture that drives people's behaviour - so in order to change behaviours, both leaders and employees must be equiped with skills and knowledge to understand and change their workplace culture.

This first-ever webinar with Steve Simpson and Stef du Plessis will launch the SafeMiningCultures web site and will explain how the concpt of 'UGRs' has been used in mining companies across the planet to change culture and improve safety and production.

The one-hour webinar will be practical and will guide participants through the five step approach to achieving cultural change.

You will learn how the concept and processes have been applied in mining companies and how you can create a safe and productive culture in your company.

What Will Be Covered in the Webinar?

Steve and Stef will share:

  • An overview of recent research into the impact of workplace culture on safety and productivity (prepare to be surprised!)
  • An introduction to UGRs and their power
  • The five-step approach to using UGRs to create a safe and productive workplace culture
  • How the concept has been applied in different mining companies - and the outcomes achieved

About the Presenters

This one-hour webinar will feature international consultants Stef du Plessis and Steve Simpson.

Steve and Stef have worked with over 50 mining companies across the globe including Barrick Tanzania, Gold Fields (internationally), Alcoa Australia and GBG (internationally). They know the business of mining and they know what impacts on safety and production.

Steve is the creator of the UGRs concept and Stef is the co-developer. They now work together in a range of companies to implement culture change.

Who Should Participate?

This is an opportunity to gain completely new, fresh insights into the power of workplace culture and what can be done to improve it. It's therefore of immense value to leaders, safety professionals and HR professionals.

There is a strict limit to the number of participants, so confirm your registration soon.

I've Registered. Now What?

Once we've received notification of your registration, we'll emai you a link to the site where the webinar is taking place.

You need to ensure you have speakers or headsets connected to the computer.

If you have a microphone, you may be able to speak during the webinar. If not, there's no problem, as you can communicate with Steve and Stef via the keyboard!

What are the date and time details for this webinar?

This has been scheduled to accommodate mining companies in Australia and South Africa.

Date: Coming soon!


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